Generate more revenue from your mailing list

Fixtail helps you connect sales that happen in Stripe to your MailChimp subscribers. It doesn’t matter what platform your store runs on or what software you built your SaaS in, if it’s connected to Stripe, Fixtail puts order information into your MailChimp list so you can better target and segment your subscribers.

Please note, we are currently closed to accepting new customers.

Know your subscribers better

Fixtail adds all previous orders of a product or SaaS subscription from Stripe to MailChimp the first time you run it. And from there, it automagically adds new orders to your list in nearly real-time, which you can use to trigger automations.

Don’t use our software much

Honestly, there’s no need to log into our software very often. Fixtail lets you “set and forget” each product—create it once, and as long as your product or Stripe account doesn’t change, your new orders info is funnelled to your MailChimp account. Spend your time doing email marketing, while Fixtail takes care of syncing orders for you.

“Immediately we understood our list better, and immediately we were able to begin shifting our email strategy in a positive direction.”
David Sherry, Founder of Death to Stock

Segment like a boss

The power of email marketing is in targeting. By knowing who bought what you can create smarter segments, campaigns and automations. You can target emails to previous buyers, those who haven’t bought from you, or even peeps who bought one of your products but not a related product.

Works with any platform

Wordpress? Squarespace? Typeform? Freshbooks? All of the above and more. If you use Stripe to process payments and a customer’s email goes into Stripe, Fixtail will work. There’s no software to install, no server requirements, no website settings to change—Fixtail connects your Stripe and MailChimp accounts, no muss no fuss.

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Want to generate more revenue from your mailing list?

A national study conducted by DMA in 2015 found that targeted emails generate 58% of all list revenue. Fixtail helps you send targeted emails to your list so you can do just that.

Fixtail is perfect for:

  • Online course creators
  • Digital product sellers
  • SaaS/software companies
  • Anyone who uses Stripe

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a MailChimp account and list?
When you log into MailChimp, that’s your account. MailChimp lets you create infinite lists in your account, so Fixtail lets you sync orders to infinite lists in MailChimp. If you want to sync more than one account, consider the PRO Fixtail plan.

Are there limits to subscribers, lists or products?
Heck no. You can create as many products as you want, connect those to as many Stripe accounts as you want, and funnel that information into as many MailChimp lists as you want (as long as they’re on your account).

How do I track non-Stripe sales?
If you sell via Paypal, you can import CSV files from them. If you sell via anything else, you can add orders manually to Fixtail.

What if I want to sync a gazillion orders to my MailChimp list?
That’s cool, but it’s going to get very expensive for you, since MailChimp charges you by the subscriber. Be conscious of how much your MailChimp pricing will increase based on adding purchasers to it.

How does cancelling work?
Just click the “close account” button in our app and you’ll be on your way (sniff, sniff). You’re only responsible for paying for one month in advance, so if you cancel on January 3rd, you don’t pay for February onwards.

How is this different from what Zapier does?
Zapier is great, and connects Stripe to MailChimp, but only sends subscriber information, not ecommerce information. So where Zapier can put someone’s email address on your list, we can put their email plus all of this historical and future purchases, the amounts and sort them by products.

How secure is Fixtail? And my data?
To be technical—Fixtail is hella secure. To set up your Fixtail account you must authenticate via Stripe and MailChimp directly. Only then will Fixtail help pass data from one to the other.

Can I invite people to my Fixtail account?
Totally! The only caveat is they have to be users on your MailChimp account. So if you’re paying for Fixtail and Sally (who’s your CFO or business partner) wants to see the data in Fixtail, she can log in and not have to pay more. But, if you have multiple MailChimp accounts on Fixtail, everyone who logs in can see all your Fixtail data across all accounts.

What if I use Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento?
Those systems can already sync ecommerce data with your MailChimp list. Fixtail is for every other platform that uses Stripe for payments.

Why isn’t there a free plan?
We want Fixtail to have a long and healthy life. Software is expensive to create, maintain and support so that’s only possible with paying customers.

What’s concierge onboarding?
If you want our help setting up Fixtail for your products, but also our help setting up your MailChimp account to properly capitalize on the data, we can help you create segments and targeted automations that will help you get smarter with email marketing.

We're currently working on our PRO plan, and will launch it faster if there's more interest. If you'd like to see a PRO plan, enter your email to be notified as soon as it's ready.


We're currently working on our concierge service, and will launch it faster if there's more interest. If you'd like our help, enter your email to be notified as soon as it's ready.