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A note from one of the cofounders (hey, that’s me):

Almost a year ago I hired Zack Gilbert to code a way for sales of my online courses to get tracked in MailChimp as ecommerce data. I wanted to do this because I wanted to create segmented campaigns that only pitched my courses to folks who hadn’t purchased yet, and I wanted to create automation sequences that did similar.

Here’s what I needed to the code to do:

  1. Be able to segment folks based on what they bought or didn’t buy.
  2. Send sales pitch automations to non-buyers, but stop sending them as soon as they purchased.
  3. Send post-purchase automations based on what someone bought, and cross-sell based on other courses they had not-yet bought.

Zack did a great job at writing the code and we got it up and working with my online courses. And, since I teach a course on MailChimp, people started to see my dashboard with this new data (since the course is a lot of walk-throughs using my own MailChimp account).

When they began to see revenue and ecommerce data in MailChimp, and the neat things I was doing it, I got an overwhelming, “HEY, I WANT THAT TOO!”

So Fixtail was born.

I partnered up with Zack (the best programmer I know), and we got to work figuring out the easiest way to “automagically” add Stripe orders to MailChimp subscribers to achieve the about points for anyone—regardless of how or where they were selling. If they used Stripe and Stripe knew the buyer’s email address, then Fixtail could tell MailChimp what that person bought, for how much, and from where.

We’ve spent months developing the software, we’ve spent even more months working with our beta testers and early adopters—processing more than $2-million in sales so far from our customers.

Today we’re publicly launching Fixtail. (Hi! ?)

The point of our software is to make you a smarter and more knowledgeable email marketer. That way you don’t send “spray and pray” blasts, you send laser-focused, targeted campaigns and automations, to the right people, at the right time. After all, targeted emails account for 58% of all revenue, according to a study by DMA.

This is only the beginning. We’re hard at work on new features, including:

  • Campaign, automation and ad tracking—so you can see the ROI of everything you send.
  • Paypal integration—right now you can upload CSVs to Fixtail, but eventually you’ll be able to connect and automagically grab orders, similar to how Stripe integration works.

We hope you’ll join us in using Fixtail (I personally now use Fixtail for every product I sell online). Check out our pricing and features on our homepage.

Paul Jarvis
Cofounder, Fixtail

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